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10 Film Facts

10 Film Facts

10 Film Facts

At Sun Shade, we are passionate about the benefits provided by window films. Make 2018 the year that you improve your health, save money on energy, and improve the overall comfort of your building by investing in window films. Here are 10 of our favourite things about window films.

Improve your health, save money on energy, and improve the overall comfort of your building

1. Go Green, The Easy Way

Window films will lower your carbon footprint by increasing the energy efficiency of your windows. Window films are an easy and effective way to “go green.”

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2. Cooling Costs Reduced in a Snap

Give your air conditioner a break and save on cooling costs. A variety of window films exist that regulate the amount of solar heat that penetrates windows, keeping the interior temperate constant and comfortable.

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3. No More Eye Strain

Reduce the strain on your eyes. Regular windows only protect your eyes from 25% of UV rays. Use window film to give your eyes a chance to relax.

4. Safety & Security Improvements

Improve the safety of your windows. Window films can prevent your windows against shattering during accident, extreme weather, or an attempted break-in.

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5. Old Windows Are Like New Again

If you are considering replacing your windows to make them more efficient, consider applying window films to your existing windows. In many cases, the efficiency of older windows can be dramatically improved by the installation of window films. Films are a much cheaper option to window replacement.

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6. No Limits (as long as your windows are functional)

Versatility. Window film can be applied to any size or shape of glass to help improve their performance.

7. The Best Fading Prevention

Protect your home interior from sun-damage. Your furnishings, including rugs, upholstery, artwork, and curtains are valuable items and help to beautify your space. Use window films to protect these investments from sun-damage.

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8. Glare be Gone

Do without the glare. Use your devices without the glare by installing window films.

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9. Cancer Prevention

Window films filter out harmful UV rays. Did you know that an untreated window provides very little protection against the sun’s cancer-causing rays? Installing films on windows in buildings and vehicles protects those behind the glass from the sun.

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10. A Major Face-Lift

Improve aesthetics. Custom window film is an easy way to give your windows a face-lift. Regardless of if you prefer something decorative or transparent, window films can give your home or office a sleek look.

Is Your Home in Need of an Upgrade?

Save money, help the planet, improve window performance, increase safety, and add style. There is no downside to window film, so contact us today and we can find the right product for you.