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2019’s Top 5 Posts

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2019’s Top 5 Posts

As we prepare for our New Year’s Eve festivities, we are choosing to take a moment and reflect on our successes of 2019. Our website has had a fantastic year, with our readership growing at an ever-quickening rate. We went through the analytics for the website and determined the top 5 pieces of content from this past year. Here they are, the top 5 posts from 2019!


Hacks to stay warm this winter

While many aspects of winter bring us together, there is one thing that divides many of our households: when to turn the heat on, and what the thermostat should be set at. To honour this age-old contest, we have come up with a few hacks to help keep you and your home a little bit warmer this winter.

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5 Myths about window tinting

Window tint has multiple benefits for homeowners, yet there are some enduring myths around window tint that steer people toward more expensive solutions. Let’s debunk them.

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What causes glass breaking

Like any other material, glass breaks when it is stressed. What matters is the type and degree of stress that is applied to the glass. Many people are concerned that any type of modification to a window, such as adding window film, might make it more vulnerable to breakage. Let’s consider the facts. There are 5 types of stress that can lead to glass breakage:

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Home Solutions: Fading

Fading artwork, fabrics, and hardwood floors are extremely common around Vancouver Island. Learn how to prevent it with a simple solution, right here. We have you covered.

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For added safety and protection

Light pollution is excessive, misdirected or misused light that can harm human health, wildlife, ecosystems, and astronomy. Although light pollution is one of the least known types of pollution, its effects on human health and ecosystems can be just as serious as some of the better-known forms of pollution. Solutions seem complicated or out of reach, but that simply isn’t so. Let’s look at what we can do right here.

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