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Eliminate Microbial Growth on Any Surface

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Eliminate Microbial Growth on Any Surface

Sun Shade is excited to be carrying a new film product, created by our friends at Madico. Madico’s Neutralux Film is a multi-purpose clear adhesive film that prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes, helping to keep the people that use your building safe. The key to Neutralux lies in its proprietary top coat which, in addition to being antimicrobial, is scratch resistant and virtually stain proof.

Neutralux films can be added to any smooth flat surface, such as windows, stainless steel panels, finished wood, ceramics, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the technology behind Neutralux and its amazing versatility, or check out the product page right here.

What Makes Neutralux Different?

As it comes off the role, Neutralux has 4 layers (including the release liner). When applied, Neutralux is 4 mils thick (1 mil = one thousandth of an inch; 4 mils is about the thickness of a heavy duty freezer bag). 

Here’s a breakdown of Neutralux from the bottom up.

  • The bottom layer is a release liner to protect the adhesive (like the peel-away backing on a sticker).
  • The high-quality adhesive guarantees a powerful bond with whatever surface the film is applied to, as well as residue-free removal.
  • The middle layer consists of the polyester body of the film. This 4 mil layer is the thickest part of Neutralux, contributing to the product’s durability and flexibility.
  • The top layer is what sets Neutralux apart from everything else. The top coat is composed of a proprietary silver-based material that kills bacteria and microbes upon contact. Not only is this top layer toxic to all sorts of microorganisms, but it also resists stains and scratching.

Neutralux is a high-quality protective film that reduces your exposure to microbes and bacteria, and also guards your surfaces from staining and scratches. When wear and tear necessitates a replacement of the film, the premium adhesive will peel away cleanly allowing for a quick and easy reapplication.

The key to Neutralux lies in its proprietary top coat which, in addition to being antimicrobial, is scratch resistant and virtually stain proof.

How Effective is Neutralux?

During development of the antimicrobial top coat, the scientists behind Neutralux weren’t kidding around in their laboratories. Check out the following data that demonstrates how effective Neutralux is at killing common bugs, bacteria, and mould after 24 hours of contact.

Bacilus ceros (food poisoning) 0
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 0
Streptococcus pneumonia (common pneumonia) 0
Escherichia coli (E. coli) 0
Staphylococcus aureus (staph infections) 0
Klebsiella pneumonia (bronchitis) 0
Candida albicans (yeast infections) 0
Aspergillus niger (black mould) 0

The active topcoat on Neutralux films is EPA-registered and FDA-listed, meaning that the experts have signed off on its safety. A popular use of Neutralux films is on baby changing tables, so you can bet that it is safe to use wherever you need it.

In addition to protecting humans against diseases caused by microbes, like the ones listed above, the topcoat of Neutralux is also resistant to stains. Neutralux is invulnerable to staining caused by disinfectants, mild acids, salts, alkaline products (such as bleach), petroleum-based grease, oils, and solvents.

Who Can Benefit From Neutralux?

The practical applications of Neutralux are virtually limitless. This film is perfect for public spaces such as banks, public transportation systems, libraries, grocery stores, medical facilities, restaurants, movie theatres, gyms, and more.

We are constantly surprised by the creative uses our clients find for Neutralux – here are a few of the most common applications:

  • Medical equipment
  • Countertops
  • Handrails
  • Grocery cart handles
  • Elevators
  • Tables
  • Touch screens
  • Baby changing stations

Anywhere that experiences significant traffic of people poses a risk of bacterial or microbe growth. Regardless of what type of establishment you are in charge of, Neutralux will help keep the users safe.

Sun Shade window films have been equipping Victoria area businesses with solar, privacy, security, and decorative window film for decades, and we are excited to offer this new technology to our product lineup. Our new office in Kamloops means that we are on the mainland to help your business, too, no matter where it is. Get in touch today.