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Increase Your Staff’s Productivity

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Increase Your Staff’s Productivity

The success of large corporations and small businesses alike largely rely on the productivity of the staff. Every great business leader understands that it is worth investing in a productive workspace, and you’ve probably ticked the boxes of thorough training, regular constructive feedback, meaningful incentives, respect, and good communication. But what about the work environment itself?

Factors of the work environment have huge power over the productivity of workers. Attitudes of colleagues and management certainly affect the amount and quality of work completed in a day, but aspects like the furniture, lighting, colour scheme, overall comfort, and temperature have significant impacts as well.

Window film is a popular building upgrade for its long-term economic benefits, energy savings, aesthetic appeal, and ease of maintenance, but many owners overlook the way window film can directly affect workplace performance. Sun Shade has helped businesses all over Vancouver Island retrofit their businesses – get in touch here.

Professional window film installation should be considered by anyone looking to increase staff productivity for the following key reasons:

The benefits provided by commercial window film will be noticeable through increased revenue, production, quality of work, and an overall happier team.
Improved Comfort

Possibly the most sought-after benefits of commercial window film are temperature regulation and consistency. Untreated windows allow infrared light from the sun to penetrate windows and quickly heat up interior spaces. For staff that works in areas near the windows, this can mean an excessively hot workplace environment.

If the HVAC is used to compensate for hot spots created by untreated windows, staff that works away from the windows will likely end up too cold. Optimal workplace performance occurs at around 21 degrees Celsius. Window film reflects solar heat, meaning that the interior of the building remains at a consistent temperature and creating a more comfortable workplace environment for everyone. Take a look at commercial solar films right here.

Glare Reduction

Heat isn’t the only thing that passes through untreated windows. Glare can make computer screens or projected slide shows impossible to read. Workers and clients can become distracted by excess glare, leading to wasted time, lost energy, and discomfort. Window film eliminated glare so staff doesn’t have to squint at their screens, and clients feel comfortable.

Increased Privacy

No one wants to feel like they are working inside a fishbowl. Window film will have a positive impact on any staff members that feel like they are constantly under the microscope. This benefit is especially important for businesses located on the first or second floors of buildings, where lurking pedestrians can make staff feel awkward. Window film will provide the privacy that staff need to get on with their work.

Check out commercial graphic films right here.

Bonus Protection

Window film will help prevent outsiders from looking inside your workspace, and certain types of film will even deter break-ins. Safety film is specially designed to hold broken glass together in the event of an accident or attempted break-in. Staff inside an office stocked with expensive computers or retail environments will feel safer knowing that their windows have been treated to deter intruders from gaining access. Safety films are available with privacy and solar benefits, so your building can truly have it all.

The benefits provided by commercial window film will be noticeable through increased revenue, production, quality of work, and an overall happier team. Though window film is not a one-stop fix for productivity concerns, it is certainly a step in the right direction (or several) for any business that wishes to improve their bottom line.