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Fisgard Heritage Building

Sun Shade Window Films / Fisgard Heritage Building

Fisgard Heritage Building

A residential installation on historic Fisgard St. right above “Bean Around the World” coffee shop.

This beautiful downtown condo features an open concept bedroom, partitioned with glass sliding doors. Our client hoped to increase the privacy while still allowing a much needed source of natural light.

We matched their kitchen wallpaper pattern onto our graphic privacy film – Because there are so many large and busy artifacts and decorations, we kept the pattern and graphic effect as subtle as possible to find that perfect visual balance. It was printed on our SS-Clear Velvet frosted privacy film, printed with light grey and gloss clear ink. The gloss effect creates transparency, to allow more light to shine through the artwork for a nice and bright textured effect.

Film Type:

SS-Clear Velvet Frosted Film


Lee Cheong Building