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Will Window Film Harm My Views?

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Will Window Film Harm My Views?

The purpose of solar control window film is to allow you to control the amount of light and heat that enters your home. The engineers behind window film understand that homeowners want to keep the views they have always enjoyed and reap the benefits of natural light flooding their homes, all while gaining more control.

Does Any Film Create Distortion?

Yes, it can. This is actually a huge problem in our industry, because a few bad products are compromising people’s perspectives of them all. By and large, the problem comes from films that people are buying at hardware stores. At Sunshade, we admire the DIY spirit, but don’t recommend that homeowners start buying films off the roll at hardware stores and attempt to apply it themselves.

Do-it-yourself window films from big box stores have so much distortion because of the low quality of the film, and this has negatively affected the perception of window films reducing visibility through windows. This simply is not the case.

Film that is available directly to consumers is different than what is supplied to professional installers. The film that we use at Sunshade is far more difficult to apply than the typical film available in a hardware store, but it is also far higher performing. The low quality of hardware store film causes optical distortion, reduces your ability to see out, and can actually get worse over time.

The premium films that we use at Sunshade do not cause any optical distortion, won’t be degraded over time by UV exposure, and you get to choose the optimal light transmittance that will work for each room in your home. Advanced, professional quality film will give you the crisp visibility you want, while giving you the solar control that you need.

In fact, the reduction of glare that comes with high-performing window film will actually improve your ability to see your views. Whereas untreated windows let in harsh light, you will enjoy glare-free viewing.

Do it Once, Do it Right

With any home renovation project, it’s important that it’s done right the first time. Getting a professional installation of window film will prevent costly headaches down the road, and you will end up with a far superior product. Get in touch to get started with your window upgrade.