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Window Film #1 for Reducing Energy Costs

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Window Film #1 for Reducing Energy Costs

People take different approaches to going “green”. Some change their driving habits, choosing to walk to ride their bike in order to reduce carbon emissions. Others grow their own food, and source necessities close to their home. They may invest in solar panels or expensive timers to monitor their air-conditioning.

Our homes can be a huge energy drain, and there are endless opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint associated with drafts that leak warm or cool air, inadequate insulation and weather stripping. One of the best ways to make your home “green” is to retrofit your existing windows with window film. It will noticeably improve your comfort all year round, governments and municipalities acknowledge its efficiency, and window tint will save you real money on utility bills.

Studies show that the investment of window tinting provides a return of up to 70% in just two years of use. The type of window film, the construction of the building and its location are all variables in determining the amount of savings per building.

Purchasing equipment to moderate the temperature inside your building requires an initial investment, and ongoing maintenance and replacement costs. Not only that, the concept behind these heating and cooling systems is to adjust the temperature of the too-hot or too-cool air AFTER it gets inside the building. Window film is far more efficient because it moderates the climate inside your home starting at the largest point of entry- your windows.

Installing window tint to your windows will improve your energy usage in several ways. First and foremost it blocks up to 90% of the heat from sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering the building. Immediately, this takes a huge load off your heating and cooling system allowing for better performance and lower impact on the environment.

Tint for windows requires comparatively little in financial outlay, and should last the life of your windows. When used in conjunction with caulking up areas that leak air and ensuring your insulation is up to code, the savings are tangible. Window tint also offers additional benefits to environmental sustainability and lowered utility bills.

The most costly methods, such as updating HVAC systems or adding insulation, did not provide as much energy savings as window tint in the same study. Those that do provide benefits do not prove to be as cost-effective as tinting because of the huge up front costs.

In addition to saving on energy costs and use, occupant comfort is improved. Window tint reduces fading and sun damage to your carpets, furniture and even your skin. By blocking the direct sunlight, window tint minimizes glare on televisions and computers while still allowing a direct visual connection with the outside view. No more pulling your curtains or blinds closed on a beautiful summer day. Some darker window tints make it almost impossible to see inside your home, so you can maintain your privacy- without blinds. Check out our options of solar window films.

Go green with window tint. Whether your primary concern is maximizing comfort inside your building, saving energy or saving on utility bills, maintaining the integrity of your possessions or maintaining privacy, window film is an inexpensive and effective way to achieve all those things. At Sun Shade, we have the knowledge and skill to get you on the path to huge energy savings; just ask.


By The Numbers

70% Return in 2 Years 0
95% cheaper than window replacement 0
99% UV Protection 0
Up to 90% Heat Rejection 0