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Security Film for Natural Disasters

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Security Film for Natural Disasters

The reasons why we have glass windows are obvious. Windows let in natural light and views of outside, which is great for people who work inside the building; and windows also allow people walking by to see into our buildings, this can be great for bringing in window shoppers or other potential customers. The obvious downfall of large exterior windows is security and safety. Windows represent the easiest point of access for burglars, as well as the first failure point during a natural disaster.

Fortunately, a technology exists to help us retain all the things we love about window film while also getting rid of the obvious hazards: security window film. The big attraction to security window film is how well it holds together broken glass, preventing the formation of shards. What follows is a brief breakdown of what you can expect from security films in everyday life, as well as in the event of a natural disaster.


Most films engineered to maximize safety and security are 100% transparent, meaning you won’t even know that they’re there (unless the glass breaks, then you’ll be happy!). Clear film is a great option if you like the way you can see in and out of your windows, but just want the added benefits of safety and security.

If you’re looking to fall two birds with one stone, window film can give you the opportunity to combine the benefits of safety and security film with privacy films or solar control films. If you see safety and security as the primary goal, but would like to also see improvements in privacy by adding a frosted look or one-way limited transparency, we can help you pick the right film for your building.


Untreated glass is easily the weakest exterior point of our homes. Even tempered glass can be easily broken by fast moving objects (like a branch blown by high winds) or intentionally with glass-breaking tools that are easily bought online.

Don’t get confused, security films won’t completely prevent your windows from being broken. What they will do is hold together the broken pieces. That means that if your window gets shattered, the sharp glass shards won’t be cast all over the room. And if someone was intentionally trying to get in, they would have to exert far more force and create a lot more noise than otherwise.

If you’re looking to fall two birds with one stone, window film can give you the opportunity to combine the benefits of safety and security film with privacy films or solar control films.

Extreme Scenarios and Natural Disasters

High Winds

The most obvious danger during instances of high winds, such as tornados or hurricanes, are objects being hurled through windows. Many people don’t realize that windows can actually break from winds without having an object sent through them.

Fast moving air creates quickly changing pressure systems, which can lead to blow outs. Ever had your garage door slam shut on a windy day? Same principle. Window film will prevent the hazard of flying shards in the event of a blowout.


Just like high winds, fire can blow out windows too. With window film, you will be protected from the danger of broken shards. Don’t worry, it’s still possible to escape through treated windows, and you will be less likely to get cut in the process.


This one is particularly relevant to people living on the coast, or other areas of high seismic activity. It doesn’t take much of a tremor to flex glass enough to cause breakage. Window film can prevent a minor tremor from becoming a huge problem.

Trust Sun Shade to Keep You Safe

At Sun Shade, we have been helping Victoria residents and businesses ensure the safety of their buildings for over 20 years. To get started on improving your windows, or to just ask us a few questions, just give us a shout.