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How Technology Will Change Window Tint

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How Technology Will Change Window Tint

Traditionally, window films have been static products that are used only to keep the interior of buildings cooler. However, several technological advancements of the past few years have shown that window film has the potential to do much more than keep the sun at bay.

In the coming years, windows and window tint technology will continue to advance and improve our lives.

Electro-Chromatic Technology

Electro-chromatic glass, also known as Smart Windows, refer to glass that can change its appearance from fully transparent to completely opaque, simply by the application of an electrical current. When a charge is applied to the glass, particles embedded within the windows align themselves in a way that lets light pass through, resulting in a perfectly clear window. Similarly, reducing the charge causes the glass to darken but remain transparent from the inside out. Smart window technology can be applied to glass used in vehicles, such as windshields or sunroofs, or the windows of buildings. This controllable glass can be networked with a building’s management system to keep occupants comfortable and glare-free at all times, or operated manually to obtain privacy almost instantly. Smart window technology can save property owners money on their air conditioning and heating bills by reducing the amount of sunlight that heats up your building during hot days, as well as increasing the amount of light during colder seasons.

Photo-Voltaic (PV) Technology

We love how traditional solar panels convert sunlight into clean, renewable energy. However, the design of traditional solar panels reduces their practicality, because they are restricted to being placed on roofs, or dedicated land area. Advancements in photo-voltaic glass solve this problem, as it allows invisible PV cells to be installed anywhere you have a window. Imagine if each window of your building was a power-generating cell! Photo-voltaic windows are often dismissed as costly, however, as improvements in technology reduce costs of production and increase efficiency, this technology is sure to become one of the most resource efficient systems available.

These are only a couple of examples of the most cutting-edge window and window tint technologies, but the trend is obvious: in the coming years, windows and window tint technology will continue to advance and improve our lives. It is always important to have these products installed by experienced and qualified professionals, as this will ensure the longevity of the installed products.

If you are interested in the incredible ways that window films can improve your building, give us a call or send us a message so we can help you find the right product.