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Home Privacy Solutions

Feel Empowered in Your Own Home

When you live in a neighbourhood with a lot of foot traffic, or you have neighbours and pedestrians in close proximity to your bedroom or bathroom windows, it is natural to want to shield your home from prying eyes. Reducing sight lines into your home without ruining the aesthetic of your home or marring your beautiful views might seem like a tall order, but it is completely reasonable and can be achieved with a bit of know how. Let's take a look at how we can help you increase your privacy while maintaining everything you love about your home's beautiful views.

The Most Common Requests

Where you need your privacy the most



Showers, tubs, and chamber areas with exterior views are very luxurious, but they also impede privacy. If you can control the light, you can control the views and get the upper hand.


Exterior Windows

Keeping your privacy from foot traffic is key, but window coverings can be costly. Window films mimic specialty glass for a fraction of the cost of window treatments.


Interior Spaces

Our customers often want to reduce sight lines in their home to increase productivity in their home office. Graphic films do this with style and are infinitely customizable.

Increase your Privacy Confidence Aesthetic

BC homeowners on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan enjoy the most beautiful views in the entire country. Large picture windows help to connect us to our local environment and give us the pleasure of nearly year-round sunshine.

One common complain that our clients have, though, is the lack of privacy that comes along with these beautiful views. With clear glass windows, everything that you can see from inside your home can also be seen from the outside in. Believe it or not, there is a very simple fix for this problem, and all you need to know is that you can obscure visibility from outside of your home by controlling how light escapes. Let me explain:

With no window film on your clear glass, up to 80% of the light escapes your windows. Light escaping is what allows outsiders a clear view in. To keep prying eyes out, we need to minimize the amount of light that is escaping your windows, and our studies show that if we can reduce the visible light down to 30%, it is essentially impossible for an outsider to see into your home from the street.

Visibility from outside: No Films 0
Visibility from outside: With Films 0
The 30% number above is a guideline based on the average distance of pedestrians in front of a home. To create a custom solution for your home, we would calculate the distance of pedestrians and come up with the correct amount of light control to suit your needs. The farther away from prying eyes, the less visible light control you will need.

Many customers are afraid that installing window films we either ruin the aesthetic of their home or destroy the views they currently enjoy. Both of these worries are unnecessary. In the past, reflective films were the answer to the issue of privacy, but now that we have technologically advanced films, like those from Hüper Optik, they actually enhance your views while maintaining a flattering exterior appearance. These window films have the ability to just completely melt away after installation. They are completely invisible, give you the power to control your privacy, and enhance your views all at the same time.

Clients who opt for solar light control in their homes feel empowered with their increased privacy, enjoy their views even more, and have the confidence to bathe their homes in beautiful sun light year round without worry.

Have you every wanted to increase privacy in your home? Be in touch with us anytime, we would love to speak with you about your options.


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