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Are Security Films Effective?

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Are Security Films Effective?

For any business owner, maintaining the security of property and the safety of building occupants are two huge priorities. There is no shortage of strategies you can use to increase the security of your building, such as installing camera systems or improved door locks, but big glass windows will always be the weakest point in your security system.

When the weather turns nasty or your building is subject to a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake or fire, glass shards become extreme hazards. If a burglar or vandal decides to strike your building, windows are the obvious target.

The best solution for preventing glass from shattering upon impact is high quality security films. These films hold glass pieces together, so while equipped glass can still be broken, the panel will remain as one solid piece. This eliminates the possibility of injury caused by broken glass while also turning your windows into a resistant barrier against invasion.

Read on to learn more about how security films can work for you and click here to learn about commercial security films at Sun Shade.

How Do Security Films Work?

When a normal window breaks, it shatters into thousands of pieces and shards. These pieces will fall to the ground or could be turned into projectiles by strong winds or sudden changes of pressure. These shards can cause serious injury, and a shattered window is an easy point of access for burglars.

Security films are thin, clear polyester sheets that are applied directly on top of existing glass panes. In the event of breakage, the film will hold the glass pieces together so the window will stay as one piece.

Security films are thin, clear polyester sheets that are applied directly on top of existing glass panes. In the event of breakage, the film will hold the glass pieces together so the window will stay as one piece. If you’ve ever seen a wrecked car and noticed how the windshield remained intact despite the other damage, security films perform similar functions.

Security films are NOT designed to prevent glass from breaking (although they might slightly reduce the possibility of breakage). They hold the glass together as one piece, so that no matter how hard a burglar tries to gain entry or how forcefully the wind blows, your windows remain a secure barrier.

What Situations are Security Films For?

Investing in you buildings security and safety is guaranteed to yield benefits. Here are the scenarios where you’ll be grateful for safety films and more secure windows.

Burglary, Forced Entry, and Vandalism

Burglars are constantly seeking out easy targets, and nothing screams “easy target” more than big exposed windows. In the burglar’s mind, they will be able to smash the window, run in, grab something of value, and be long gone by the time the cops show up. Security films prevent the execution of this plan, because the robber will quickly realize how difficult it will be to gain access.

Chemical etching seems to be the new trend for vandals. They use chemicals to engrave their message into the exposed glass of their targets. Security film can’t stop the vandals from acting, but they will bear the brunt of the damage. After the vandal has struck, you can simply peel the damaged film off and have a new one installed. Your windows will remain unharmed and we promise that replacing film is cheaper than replacing windows.

Accidental Damage and Extreme Weather

Every now and then, extreme winds present more danger than an inverted umbrella. When it’s really honking outside, heavy debris like tree branches can be hurled around as if they were paper airplanes. If you are unlucky enough to have your windows smashed in during instances of extreme weather, the broken shards present obvious danger to all your building’s occupants and the gaping hole allows the weather to enter into your building, wreaking further havoc.

Besides extreme weather, all it takes is an errant baseball or someone stumbling to cause window breakage. Mitigate the consequences of either of these occurrences by installing security window film. Holding glass panels together will protect people from harm caused by shards of glass and protect your business from weather damage.

Catastrophic Events

Any business owner that operates a building in an area that is susceptible to events like earthquakes or hurricanes needs to consider what would happen to their building if “The Big One” happened. In the event of a fire, pressure differences can cause window blowouts, which are exceptionally dangerous. Glass that is reinforced with film is prevented from turning into flying shards.

Building Security in British Columbia

Securing windows is a crucial step in building safety and security. High quality security films are the best way to secure your windows. The process is fast and doesn’t require any modifications to your existing windows. Sun Shade has been serving Vancouver Island for over 20 years, and we’re excited to have opened a new office in Kamloops to serve the entire Okanagan – get in touch with us right here.