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Top 5 of 2017

Sunshade Top 5

Top 5 of 2017

It is New Years Day, so we are taking a moment to look back and reflect on how great 2017 was for Sunshadewindowfilms.com. The site has grown tremendously and readership is engaged and enthusiastic. We just went through all of the analytics and pulled out the top 5 pieces of content from last year to make our Top 5 of 2017. Check them all out below and click through to read more.

Have a look at the most read content from our blog in 2017. There is a ton of info here, and are worth bookmarking for future reference.

Home Solutions: Privacy

One of the easiest way to increase confidence in your own home is to protect your privacy. Find out exactly what you need from the experts at Sun Shade.

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6 Reasons to Tint Your Home

These 6 reasons that Vancouver Island residents tint their home windows are eye opening. People are choosing quality of life and a smaller carbon footprint above all else.

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Film Vs. Shade Systems

One is expensive to install and maintain, while the other is inexpensive, extremely effective, and requires virtually no ongoing maintenance costs. Which is best for you?

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5 Myths of Window Tinting

Window tint has multiple benefits for homeowners, yet there are some enduring myths around window tint that steer people toward more expensive solutions. Let’s debunk them.

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Meeting Your Needs With Window Film

We have been talking about interior design, heat management, fade reduction, and glare control. Now we show you how we meet your needs and choose a product for you.

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