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Home Glare Solutions

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Home

Excessive sunlight often shines through east or west-facing windows, making these rooms subject to the sun at its hottest point of the day. The glare coming from the sun in these windows increases the room's temperature and can make activities like reading or watching television a challenge. You don't have to block out the sun to remove this glare. There are several ways you can reduce sun glare while allowing natural light into your home.

The Most Common Requests

Where glare bothers you most


Obstructed Views

Excessive sunlight from east or west facing windows can shine right in your eyes, obstructing your view and reducing your enjoyment from your picture windows in the summer.



Working in your home office or using devices from your sofa can be a huge pain when there is excessive glare on the screen. Reading becomes difficult and eyes become strained.



Televisions keep getting better and glossy screens improve saturation and contrast. But, they also amplify any glare from your windows and make viewing very hard on your eyes.

Improve your View Productivity Comfort

Often you require more than one method of reducing glare from sunlight in your windows because there are two types of glare to contend with. Disability glare is caused by sunlight reflecting from or covering whatever it is you’re looking at. This glare is direct, often from above, and it works like a veil, obscuring things like printed text and television screens.

Discomfort glare, on the other hand, occurs when the light coming from the side of the object you’re looking at is brighter than the object. Your eyes try to focus on the task at hand, but so much light is entering the eye from the side, that it is difficult for you to focus visually for long periods and headaches and eye fatigue result.

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