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Residential Window Films

Protecting your biggest investment



Homes with excessive sun exposure can be uncomfortable to live in and expensive to heat and cool. Sun Shade can help reduce your monthly costs while increasing comfort for your whole family.



Sight lines through offices and bedrooms in open concept homes can cause privacy issues. Graphic films help reduce visibility in one direction or both to give you peace of mind and increase your comfort.



By affixing a strong barrier directly to your windows you greatly reduce the chance of illegal entry and theft. They also work to reduce injury from earthquake or unexpected accidents.

The challenge of how to reduce energy consumption is on everyone’s mind as energy costs keep rising, and power shortages make news every day. Old windows play a vital role in excessive air-conditioning usage and the loss of home heat as it escapes through windows. The installation of window films can lower heating and cooling bills by rejecting solar heat from entering the room, by eliminating hot and cold spots, and by helping prevent heat from escaping.

Modern homes are built with more glass inside and out than ever before. This new found visibility brings unexpected surprises. We offer a variety of window films to help absorb UV rays, reduce glare, control heat, increase safety, and decrease your energy bills.