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Upgrade Your Sliding Glass Doors

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Upgrade Your Sliding Glass Doors

Reflective window tint with a mirror finish is the absolute best way to solve the problems of glare, heat gain, and UV exposure. Many homeowners see window tint as an all-or-nothing solution, but you can actually get the benefits of window film without tinting your entire house. Strategically used window film can give you huge advantages.

Tinting Sliding Doors

We get a lot of requests for glass sliding doors. This makes sense, because sliding doors are often the biggest panes of glass in our homes, meaning they let in more light than any other window. On top of this, many sliding doors are made of uncoated single pane glass, which is the least energy efficient type of glass.

Many sliding doors are made of uncoated single pane glass, which is the least energy efficient type of glass.

Here are a few common reasons why our customers are so interested in having their sliding doors tinted


According to many law enforcement personnel, sliding glass doors are the most common point of entry for burglars. Window film adds security because it makes the glass far more difficult to get through. Burglars stick to easy targets, so when they encounter the increased resistance of the window film, they will move on.

UV Protection

UV rays damage our skin, furnishings, art, and textiles. Pretty much anything that is exposed to sunlight, even indoors, can be damaged by UV radiation. Window films block over 99% of UV rays, meaning you will be protected from UV damage while inside your home.


Window film can be used to reduce one-way visibility, meaning you can see out but no one can see in. If your glass doors are a source of privacy issues, window film has you covered.


Glare is annoying, especially when trying to view a computer or TV screen. Window film cuts down on glare so you can easily enjoy your screen time without distractions.

Heat Rejection

Window film can reduce interior heat gain by up to 85%. This helps eliminate hot spots and will cut down on air conditioning in the summer. Additionally, window film can help in the winter, too, and you can expect your energy bills to be way more affordable.


Using window films on your sliding doors is a great way to make your home more livable. You can solve a multitude of problems with this simple upgrade, and it can be done any time of year. Increasing the overall performance of your doors, and all the glass in your home, is a great way to get ready for summer. Get in touch any time to talk about what options are available to you.