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Residential Heat Control

Sun Shade Window Films / Residential Heat Control

Residential Heat Control

Our clients felt like they were at a loss – they loved their large sunroom so much- it is the heart of their home – but in the warmer months of the year the heat was unbearable. In addition, they had just replaced the hardwood floors and were already seeing them start to fade.

Our challenge: They didn’t want to reduce the amount of light coming into the space to control the temperature because, in the winter months, it is a sanctuary for bright daylight when it can be harder to come by.

The solution: VKOOL solar film – VK55 on the lower and VK40 on the upper windows (stronger because the angled windows catch more sun). As you can see in the images you would never know it. These windows are barely tinted but very efficient. Our clients were thrilled, and are enjoying the renewed freedom of enjoying their sunroom in comfort, all year round.



Film Type:

Solar Control


VKOOL "VK55" & "VK40"