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Printed Privacy Films

Sun Shade Window Films / Printed Privacy Films

Printed Privacy Films

When new clients approached us looking for increased privacy with a personal touch, we were excited to help them achieve their vision.

These exterior doors were custom printed using three types of ink: CMYK, Matte Clear, and Gloss Clear. This layering creates a textured print with varying densities. The gloss ink, when laid on a frosted film, creates more transparency in the film (just like getting a frosted ice cube wet, it becomes more transparent). This effect allows for more light to come through in those selected areas.

The colour (CMYK) layer was printed at a low density so that in the evenings when it is dark outside, you can see a subtle amount of colour in the print to give it some life. Conversely, in the daytime with a lot of light passing through, the transparencies in the gloss areas allow for beautiful colours from their vibrant backyard to shine through. It’s almost like the print is alive because it evolves throughout the day and as your viewpoint changes.




SS-Clear Velvet


CMYK, Matte Clear, & Gloss Clear